another earning sip clone scam

Hi there i have been doing research into a website mainly it promises the user a signup fee of 25 US dollars which is not true as to how they will be making money for you that way.  the thing that got me going was that they don't have a forum or that they claim to have paid out over 305,954,909 USD to their members. this site is a complete scam and waste of time and money.
The only way you can withdraw money is through western union. why not have a paypal or any online payment service?

All you have to ask yourself is if it is worth wasting all your time on it? they make money by display an add on the bottom of the page as well survey options. When you reach your payment threshold you are re-cured  to fill in a survey in order to receive your monies.

i will suggest signing up at get paid where you can get paid.

paid surveys
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