Hitman Absolution has stopped working fix

I recently installed Hitman Absolution PC game and was excited to experience its new Glacier 2 gaming engine’s capabilities. But as soon as I chose the difficulty level to start the game, it froze and Windows would display ‘Hitman Absolution has stopped working‘. No matter how many times I reinstalled the game or my graphics and sound drivers, it wouldn’t budge. I also updated my DirectX version for Windows, but still it would crash at startup. After a lot of research I found out that many other people were also experiencing the same problem of Hitman Absolution has stopped working.
And ironically the fix for it is real simple :
1. First of all, u need to have steam installed. You can download it free from store.steampowered.com if you don’t already have it.
NOTE : If the updating steam dialog is stuck, restart your computer.
2.Now when you have steam, just open it and go to ‘games’->’add a non steam game to my library’ and then select Hitman Absolution.
3.Now Just hit play from there.
The game should run fine from there, Enjoy playing.
Frankly, I don’t know why Hitman Absolution stopped working or how this resolves it, but it does! And it should do until a crack or patch is released for the same.
And do share if you know any other method to fix for Hitman Absolution has stopped working.
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