Far cry 3 infinite loading error (FIX)

Just finished installing far cry 3 and updated all the necessary drivers only to find out the far cry 3 loads like forever. So the next thing i did was hit the net in search for a solution to my problem.

So i got the solution i had to close a process in the task manager while game was running. the problem was when in the task manager i could not find the said process. so i searched and search forum after forum blog after blog till i found this video on youtube.

All i had to do was enter in task manager and select show processes from all users and there it was. Close the wmiprvse.exe process. 
So here is a step by step solution.

  • first open far cry 3
  • then open task manager by pressing  ctrl+alt+delete
  • go to processes t
  • select "show processes from all users"
  • final step is close WMIPRVSE.exe and return to game
Any problem feel free to comment below..

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