What needs to be done to recover Lost Data on Windows 8

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Lost Data Recovered
The newest operating system launched by Microsoft is Windows 8. It can be used on personal computers. It is designed to support touchscreen devices. It is endowed with numerous new features when compared to the previous operating system. There are times wherein you may lose data by mistake. You will most certainly wish to recover the data which you have lost immediately. Wipe that frown of your face as there is absolutely no reason to worry. A set of guidelines have been devised which will help users immensely in overcoming such problems with ease. Kindly read on.
Instructions to Recover Lost Data on Windows 8
  1. Start off with these instructions by opening the Charms bar. This can be done by moving your mouse pointer over the right corner of the screen. You may also choose to press Windows key+ C on Start Screen in order to open Charms bar. Chose “Search.”
  2. Following which, you need to type “Recover” in the Search box. Then click on the Settings, which are provided on the right pane. Click on the “Restore your files with File history.”
  3. It is then required that you ensure that your file history is turned off.  It is now possible to recover lost data if you have earlier set file history. You will not be able to recover lost dat. You need to make use of third party recovery software such as Power Data Recovery. If file history is turned on, you will be able to see this screen. Choose the file or folder and click on Restore to original location. You will see that your files and folders are restored. Lost data can be recovered quite easily on Windows 8 with Windows 8 installation.
    Recover Lost Data
    Lost Data Recovered
Along with Recovery utility, you may use Windows Restore. This is when copies of files are saved as part of a restore point. As a result, data is not restored. System files may be easily restored making use of System Restore.
With that, we come to the end of this discussion. Do make it a point to visit the Windows 8 installation website if you need further information. I hope this article has been of assistance to you.
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