Remove the web’s WORST MALWARE "Babylon Toolbar"

Babylon Toolbar

How do you get it? 
Babylon Toolbar is usually bundled with free software. When you install the main program, the Babylon extras are selected by default, so unless you untick these options, they will also install.

What does it do?
Babylon is a set of dictionary and translation tools that integrates with various Windows and web programs. Because its toolbar overrides system settings and can prove difficult to remove, several security websites including (, Yoo Security ( and Spybot ( have described Babylon as a browser hijacker and adware. As well as installing the Babylon Toolbar, it will change the default search engine and homepage in all your browsers. Your PC may seem slower and you may get mysterious error messages.

How do I get rid of it?
Babylon’s own removal instructions ( suggest you go into the Windows Control Panel, uninstall Babylon, and then remove the toolbar through your browser’s Add-ons or Extensions manager. This almost certainly won’t be enough, so you should also try the following: In Chrome, click the Spanner icon and choose Settings. In the ‘On start-up’ section, click the ‘Set pages’ link next to ‘Open a specific page or set of pages’ and delete the Babylon entry from the list. Back on the Settings page, click ‘Manage search engines’, set Google as the default and delete any suspicious entries. Finally, select ‘Show Home button’ under Appearance and change the setting to your original homepage. In Firefox, go to Tools, Options, General to reset your homepage. Then type about:config into the address bar, click ‘I’ll be careful, I promise’ and search for babylon. Right-click any entries that appear in bold with ‘user
set’ as their value, and choose Reset. Repeat the process for the term keyword.URL. Now click the down arrow in the Firefox search box, choose Manage Search Engines and remove Babylon Search from the list. In Internet Explorer, click the cog icon in the top-right corner, choose ‘Manage add-ons’ and disable every entry related to Babylon. Click Search Providers, select ‘Search the web (Babylon)’ and click Remove (you may need to set another search provider first). Then go to Tools, Internet Options and change the homepage address to your preferred site.
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