Bypass Windows 8 RP Login Screen (Reset Password)

Did you forgot your password?... OMG thats bad!! is here to show u how to reset your password and gain access to your account without any third party software.To achieve this goal we need...

A. An installation CD/DVD of your Windows 7 or 8 (Ultimate,Pro and Enterprise)/Server 2008/2008 R2 (Remember to buy a licence :P)

B. This tutorial :P

C. Some console experience (File Manipulation)(CMD)
Now that we r ready, lets put the Installation CD/DVD on CD/DVD Rom and restart the system.At Boot Up Pls change the BIOS settings so we can boot from the CD/DVD (First Boot Device). Save the changes and Boot from the CD/DVD. When u arrive to the Install Screen, press (Shift + F10) to start the Command Prompt or click on "Repair your computer and start it from there.

At the command prompt (CMD) use DISKPART to check the volume letter of your hard drive. Exit DISKPART and go to your Hard Drive and create Backup copies of CMD.EXE and UTILMAN.EXE.
Delete utilman.exe and rename cmd.exe to utilman.exe and restart the pc.
When u arrive to the login screen, Press the "Easy of Access" Button and you will get the prompt so u can manipulate the users with the NET Command.

Use the NET Command to reset your password.When done, type the new created password and Success!!
When done, revert the changes to UTILMAN.EXE and CMD.EXE (Also included in the video)
As i ALWAYS SAY... EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES!!. Dont use this information in any harmful way or without the corresponding permissions

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