What are the “To-Do-Lists” on a Blog?

Prior to deciding the kind of web log that you are going to 
create and build, there are a few to-do-lists that you may want to 
check out first.  These to-do-lists can greatly help you in attaining 
a well-structured and well-written web log that could attract 
more and more potential viewers and eventually increase strong-
ly your potential to get a higher page rank.  Below are some of the 
to-do-lists that you may want to take into account to: 

a. Choose appropriately the  type of skin and design 
for the web log.  The design and the skin reflect your bare per-
sonality as a person and as a web logger.  Your readers are not 
able to see you much more get to know you in person.  Every 
little detail that you put onto your web log is a manifestation of 
your character and personality.  

b. Choose the kind of topic that you put as a content 
on your web log.  Basically choosing a topic or content has only 
two bases:  the one that you are interested with and the one that 
interests your prospective readers.  It is best that you opt at what 
interests you because you are able to write well and good when 
you know that what you are expressing are the ideas and con-
cepts that bear passion to you.  The one that interests your 
prospective clients should only be secondary as this may bring 
difficulty in the duration of writing the whole content.  

c. Choose a date and time when you do periodic 
maintenance on your web log site.  This will give you ample time 
to reflect on what sort of things you may want to include on your 
maintenance and updating period.   

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