NO HANDS SEO apllication REVIEW - Does it Work?

This is a review of no Hands SEO tool for windows.

No Hands SEO was designed from the ground up to be as simple as physically possible. After all, we all want something that is easy to use and doesn't require any tech skills! All you need to do to generate an endless supply of relevant backlinks for your website or blog, is enter in your website address, some keywords and a title before you can perpetually create links on absolute auto -pilot.

You do not need to fill in any captchas. There is no need for a decaptcha style service. No activating accounts, no emails to answer. There is literally no work or effort needed after adding in the website. No Hands SEO takes your website and does all of the hard work for you.

No Hands SEO generates links by three different methods to ensure you are gaining a more rounded link profile. The link types are:

* Blog Comments

* Whois Submissions

* Trackbacks

No Hands SEO Features:

1- Harvest Blogs: Automatically find blog pages that you are able to post comments and trackbacks on.

2- Post Comments: Post comments to all the blogs that you harvest with your website and keyword as anchor text.

3- Post to Who-is Websites: Who-is websites are a great way to get backlinks and get those backlinks indexed which is one of the major problems in link building because backlinks are virtually useless if search engines don't recognize them.

4- Endless Backlinks: With the blog harvester you will always be able to find new blogs to post backlinks on so you do not have to worry about "how long" this software will be of use as it will always come in handy.

5- No Set-up Required: No Hands SEO has a lot of options that you can play with but if you are not bothered you absolutely don't have to as it is build in a way that you are able to start using it from the first moment you open it.

6- Easy to Use: I really think you won't ever need to read the user guide or watch a video tutorial to start using No Hands SEO. this is as simple as an seo link building software can be.
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