Flooding Traffic To Your Website with Thousands of Backlinks

Now you have a website full of relevant content that is promoting your product or
an affiliate product you get paid on and you also have Adsense down the side
that pay you every time a visitor clicks on them. All you need now is traffic and
lots of it.

Most of your traffic will come from the search engines natural listings. The first
search engine to pick you up will be Google which is where you will concentrate
on because it is the biggest search engine for the traffic on the internet. It
updates daily and still provides good traffic. To get good rankings in Google it
can take up to 3 months because of the sandbox and even though it will provide
the most traffic, it is little hard work. Yahoo will pick you up next and it is a little
easier to get good ranking. And the last is MSN.

So how do you get top positions in Google and Yahoo? There is no rocket
science. It is just down to on page optimization. Telling the robots what your site
is about. The other part is off page optimization which is getting backlinks to your
website and lots of them.

The number and quality of backlinks is very important and to get a website to the
top it can take thousands of good backlinks. But I have discovered that with white
hat method  you can dominate the top spots with very little. I am not exactly sure
why this is but I am 100% positive that everyone who knows this should be taking
full advantage of this factor.


This way helps you to tell to Google and other search engines about your anchor
text (here is you put keyword which you choose) of website. And also grab top
ranking for the keyword. Without the anchor text, you UNABLE grab the top
ranking for keyword which you want.
Here is the anchor text you need to put at other websites.

<a href=”http://www.yourdomain.com” title=”Keyword”>Keyword</a>

e.g:<a href=http://www.golfercars.com title=”Golf Cart Accessory”>Golf Cart

So you know you need one way backlinks or link exchanges but I am not going to
tell you how to go and get a few backlinks. I am going to show you how to get
thousands of backlinks in quick time so you can crush the competition in no time.
I am going to detail many methods below that will get you lots of backlinks. All of
these are ethical, it is up to you to decide what you want to do.

A. Paid Article Submission Service

The first one and one of the most effective ways to get high quality backlinks to
your blog is by syndicating original articles which can be wrote by you or

After you have posted an article to your website you can also submit it to some
article directories which can give you a link from their highly ranked website and
it also allows others to put the article on their website as long as they keep the
bio/resource box which will have your link in it.

Doing this manually can take a lot of time. Submit to hundreds of article
directories in 5 hours or more. So this is why I like to use paid article submission
service. Here are best paid article submission services for hundreds or even
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