Iphone 5

Apple suggests that the iPhone 5 will be launched on Sept 12. Let’s look at six expectations.

Operating system: iOS 6

Maybe the iPhone 5 will be released and it will come with iOS 6 operating system. Apple has announced the iOS 6 operating system at WWDC 2012. As expected, iOS 6 will be supported for the iPhone, iPad 2, new iPad and iPod touch.
Network: include 4G capability

The new iPhone(iphone 5) is expected to include 4G LTE capabilities. According to reports, the iPhone 5 will be likely to support LTE all around the world.

Screen: a larger screen and high-resolution

According to rumors and parts leaks, the iPhone 5 will have a 4-inch display and a 1,136 x 640 pixel resolution screen.

Voice functions: a major update to the Siri

Hope functions of the Siri more perfect on the new iPhone 5.

Connector: new 9-pin or 8-pin connector

According to many leaked pictures, the iPhone 5 will be likely to use a smaller USB connector.

Processor: A5 dual-core frequency upgrade or A6 quad-core

In the past every time iPhone gets upgrade, the processor must generation. So iPhone5 may not continue to use existing A5 processor. Just frequency upgrade in the original basis, it is estimated that it is difficult to make the iphone fans satisfied. Therefore the possibility of using A6 quad-core processors are relatively high.
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