How to unblock your free domain

Heard about free domains?

Well according to sources on the net is that google has banned the domains in their search result due to the increase in spam site being built on that sub domain. if you own one you can list it on google through their webmaster tools product, which is free of course.
Google webmaster Tools

Unblock your website at eset.
Basically Eset blocks all or .cc doamians due to the fact that they are used for malware and spaming.
To unblock your website go to

We are very interested in receiving malware and virus samples in order to better protect our customers. To submit a suspicious file or website to ESET for analysis, please follow these steps:
  1. Compress the file(s) into a .zip or .rar archive, and password protect it with the password “infected”. 
  1. Make a note of this password in the email (including the quotation marks), attach the zipped file, and email it
  1. Use a subject line which clearly states if the attached file contains a suspected infection or a false positive (ie. use the subject Suspected infection or the subject False positive if you report a false positive). Also, please include the Customer Care case number if applicable.

  1. If you are reporting a blocked web page that may contain potentially dangerous content, include Domain whitelistfollowed by the blocked domain in the subject line. Notice: do not include the complete url in the subject (ie. but only the domain itself (ie.
  1. In the body of the email it is very important to include:
  • Any background information as to where the sample was found, especially the url you downloaded the sample from.
  • If you are submitting a website, include the url(s) you found suspicious.
  • Why you think it is malware or a false positive report.
  • If you know that another antivirus company already detects it.
  • If you are reporting a potential false positive, please provide as much information as possible about the source of the software, including the name of the developer, the name and version application and the address of the site from which the file was downloaded.
  • If you are reporting a blocked website, please provide the complete url that is blocked. Enclosing a screen shot of the notification about the blockage is recommended.
Taking the above steps will greatly assist our labs in the process of identifying and processing samples. If the issue is not resolved within two days and the matter is urgent, please send a follow-up email message with the following information:
  • Date and time of email
  • Email address you sent it FROM and email address you sent it TO.

Thank you for helping ESET better protect its customers!

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