Earn Google's Respect. How?

If Google respects your website, they will display more often! Respect on the web is authority. The more respected you are, the more authority your website has and the more likely you will be featured in search results.

Google's #1 priority is offer people that use use their search functionality a positive & relevant experience as they search for the things they need. Which is why Google along with other metrics look at your website's social presence to determine how popular your website is.

Google has several metrics that they consider when they try to determine where your website ranks in search results. Obviously the higher it ranks, the more visitors you'll get and more money you'll make!

So pay attention to these metrics and ask yourself this question:

"If I am honest with myself, on a scale from 1 to 10 where would I rank my own website in each of the following metrics?"

This will help you determine what you need to work on.

Age / Time Signals
Domain Age
Older websites that have been around longer are more credible than a website created last night
Link AgeLinks that have been there for a long time is more trusted than links that are were just created
Link Growth Rate
Consistent gradual growth. Websites that get a bust of back links overnight and no links the following day looks fishy
Content Growth RateSimilarly, growth of content added to our website is very import and a sign of a 'healthy' website
Content AgeGoogle is likely to give attention to newer articles (especially with websites that have news information). ex. Articles that are 10 years old are likely to have outdated information.

User Metrics
Time on Site
The longer people stay browsing pages on your website, the more likely your website is useful
Bounce RateHow quickly people bounce off your website.
# Pages ViewedThe more pages people visit on your website the more likely your website is coherent and relevant to your target keywords
Back Button RateHow often do people click 'Back' on their browser when they land on your website. In other words, how 'captivating' is your website to people that visit
CTR Rate from Search enginesCTR = Click Through Rate - How many visitors choose to visit your website when it's seen in the search results.

# of links pointing to your website The more relevant back links your have pointing to your site, the more likely you will rank higher
# of domains pointing to your website If you have 100 links from 100 different websites is better than having 500 links from 1 website
Anchor TextIs the anchor text pointing back to your website relevant to your website or does it took spammy.
Natural Variation Are all the links back to your website exactly identical (unnatural, bot automated) or does it look naturalQuality
Trusted Websites
References to your websites from CNN.com are naturally more credible than links from buy-some-cheap-something-something-now.info
Are links back to our website hidden in the body of an article, in a comment, or in footer..etc. Header, Article body is the best place to get backlinks.
Are the links from a relevant website. If you have a website about "Fly Fishing" but backlinks are coming from an electronics website, doesn't look as good as having links from a fitness related website for example.
Page Depth
Links to your website that are on the Main page are more credible than links found on a page that is 10 levels deep from the index page

On Page SEO
Meta TitlesHeadline of your page should have your keyword
Your page should contain relevant content
Keyword RepetitionYou should NEVER try to do keyword stuffing where you over saturate your page with your keywords in an unnatural way. Write natural. Remember that humans will be reading your pages, not just the bots.
Are your images relevant with relevant 'alt' tags
Your navigation should be simple & relevant to use by humans
Rich Content
You want your content to be well formatted, with images, videos, text when possible.
You want your website to have consistent quality. Don't have 1 good quality article and 10 copied articles. You want your content to be balanced
User FocusOverall think about the user!

Brand BacklinksIs your website treated as a 'brand'? Is it mentioned in other Branded websites or just spammy pages
SocialA good brand has social presence. We think of 3owl as a brand, it has a facebook page, a twitter account...etc
Is your brand search-able? Do people search directly on your name? That's a good sign that your people seek you out!
Visitor Loyality
Google tracks everything, the more loyal your visitors are the more likely that is that you have credible content
RSS/ Email
How many people send emails & subscribe to your news feed

One of the more important factors considering the recent explosion in social networks.
Email MentionsNo proof about that google is 'reading' emails sent via gmail but it's very likely that they check how many emails are being sent mentioning your brand
TwitterHow many people are tweeting your website
Facebook LikesHow many people are Liking your content / website
SharesHow many people are sharing your content / website via social shares
PinsPintrest has gained tremendous momentum in the last few months, How often is your content pinned
Google +How many people are plus'ing your content
TrafficHow many people are visiting your website!
Overall Social PresenceA good brand has social presence. Are you engaged with your visitors?
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