6 Ways To Make Money From Your Website

Here are few options to consider when you start thinking about ways to make money from your website. #1 will be the least aggressive with least maintenance but also relatively speaking, also the least likely to make you money. #6 is more involved, long term and for many it's a full time job but the revenue could be 100x more than #1.

If the goal of your website is to make money then you should start at #1 and work your way down as you learn more about your product, clients & niche in general.

Banner Ads ($)
  • Considered Bottom of the barrel. 
  • Getting paid a very small amount for the traffic you are getting from others that are hosting banners on your website. 
  • This should not be your main source of income 
  • Least Involved 
  • One hit mindset. You'll never see that customer again. 
  • Least Potential Profit 

Adsense ($) 
  • Not much better than banner ads. 
  • It's the lazy approach to banner ads 
  • It's a complete package. 
  • You don't have to worry about finding advertisers 
  • Slightly better than banner ads 
  • One hit mindset / One time value. ($0.25 lifetime value of customer) 
  • Under Google's Mercy Affiliate 
Offers ($$)
  • Amazon or eBay affiliate program is one of the most popular programs out there. 
  • It pays 5-10% depending on how much you are selling. 
  • No support required after sale 
  • One hit mindset / One time value. ($1-$15 lifetime value) 
  • Better than adsense but targeted traffic makes a big difference. 
  • Keyword research should be done extensively 
  • Usually in a well optimized site in an average niche you can get 2-5 times more than Adsense / Banners 

CPA Offers ($$)

  • Referring visitors that take the time to fill in a form. Such as insurance quotes, university enrollment..etc 
  • No support required after sale 
  • One hit mindset / One time value. ($5-$20 lifetime value) 
  • More profitable but usually requires more involvement from your visitors as they are asked to fill in a form 
  • A visitor that will take a time to fill a form is usually a very targeted visitor which means that you must spend extra time finding these visitors. 
 Info-products Commission (eBooks & software) ($$$)

  • Click bank is usually one of the largerst reputable providers for info products 
  • They usually have very high commission (50%+) because they don't require a physical delivery of a product 
  • Great revenue 
  • No support required after sale 
  • Building somebody else's customer base / brand 
  • One hit mindset / One time value. ($7-$47 lifetime value) 
  • Usually in a well optimized site in an average niche you can get 20-25 times more than Adsense / Banners 

Your OWN Products / Services ($$$)
  • More work involved but the revenue potential is over 100x more 
  • You have your own product / brand to build up 
  • Membership based websites 
  • You have affiliates that sell for you (#5) 
  • Follow-up / Support is usually expected 
  • You are not directing a client to somebody else, but you are keeping them to yourself to sell them more later 
  • Relationship is key so you can build a customer base, a list of people to resell at a later time. ($50-$xxx) 
  • Subscription or Membership based websites / services are an example 
  • True value comes w hen you advertise to your clients, you are not damaging your relationship 
  • The Value is consistent and is customers are constantly EXPECTING something new for sale 
  • They come to you to buy! They want that! They are eager to spend money for your products 
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