35 Quick Ideas to Attract More Visitors to Your Website

Here are 35 Ideas to Attract More Visitors to Your Website

1. Have incredible content, products or services

2. Be Honest on your website. Say what others are avoiding

3. Make a case why you are different

4. Go Visual. Make a presentation and post it on slideshare.net

5. Go Visual. Make a collection of photos and post then on flickr.com

6. Go Visual. Make a videos and post it on youtube.com

7. Interview someone exciting

8. Write a good story

9. Curate a collection of good posts

10. Write a catchy Headline on your front page

11. Give away your secrets

12. Welcome Guest articles

13. Ask people what they like most about your message on the website and make more of that

14. Create special subsciber only content

15. Always point people to your social media profiles (facebook, twitter..etc)

16. Make your website pretty & proffessional!

17. Make it easy to share your content

18. Never try to cheat search engines

19. Offer a sitemap on your website

20. Optimize your headline, content, urls

21. Make your website fast! It matters for SEO

22. Keep an open eye for inspiration from other websites

23. Have a voice online in blogs, forums..etc and use a signature with a backlink to your website

24. Create a facebook page & a facebook group and engage your friends

25. Launch products and services and make a big deal of it

26. Offer affiliate programs and pay commissions (if your website sells stuff)

27. Find who your competitors are and become their friend

28. Add Value!

29. Give away free stuff

30. Buy traffic from websites like adf.ly

31. Buy ads from Google AdWords or MSN adCenter

32. Submit your Website to the Internet Directories

33. Be Consistent and Persistent. It's hard to create consistently without inspiration so read often.

34. If you can say it with fewer words, do so.

35. Be humble!

I hope you've enjoyed these tips. There are definitely more to come. Thanks, and best of luck to you! Cheers!
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